Sunday, June 17, 2012

Maroochy River Island

Today we discovered another gorgeous picnic spot.
We'd noticed a bridge across to a small island in the Maroochy River at Maroochydore a little while ago and thought it looked like a nice picnic spot.
Well it was! Totally perfect. Rob's back was still bad so he couldn't do more than lie on the rug in the sun, but that was very good for him.
There was a playground and picnic tables but the kids were only interested in the water. And why not when it was sandy and shallow and not cold.
It is Winter but I think the Sunshine Coast missed that memo.
The Weather Gods decided that today's weather would be glorious and we lapped it up.

"My back hurts!"

Making new friends

Collecting shells


  1. It's winter there and (almost) summer here ... so why are you swimming and we were wearing sweaters today (for Father's Day)?

    Hmmm ...

    1. lol, that's because we live in sunny Queensland! Where the weather is always perfect...except in Summer!! :)