Monday, February 13, 2012


In 1982 the Commonwealth Games were held in Brisbane. Rob was 11 and was there to watch the Opening Ceremony. My cousin,Tony, and a number of college friends were actually in the opening ceremony. The mascot was Matilda, and she stole the show.

Last year, Matilda, who had been hanging out at the Gold Coast since 1982, was moved to the Matilda truck & travel stop not far from Gympie. We have driven past it so many times, pulled in occasionally for petrol, and always said one day we'll go in for a close look at Matilda. Well, yesterday was that day. We stopped for ice-creams and to get and up-close look at Matilda. She is huge!

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  1. I had wondered what happened to Matilda! Oh, such an icon of my childhood. I was living here in Brisbane when the games were on. So exciting. I have such happy memories of it, of Mum and I watching different events. Particularly Rob de Castella winning the marathon. I don't know if you remember it, but it was one of the best Sporting memories I have. Such an amazing race!