Saturday, January 14, 2012

Picnic at Rainbow Beach

Today we went for a picnic at Rainbow Beach.
It was a last minute decision, as many of our trips often are!
So that is why I forgot to put in towels!
I only put in a change of clothes for the kids, not even their swimmers.
But I did pack sunscreen!
And the camera!!
And we went shopping on the way to pick up our usual picnic treats, rolls, ham, tomatoes, swiss cheese, cheese wedges, cheerios, lychees, chips. We didn't even get to the cheerios & chips, the kids were too busy playing.

We drove to the end of Inskip Point first to see where the barge leaves for Fraser Island. Then walked to the water because the road was 4-wheel drive only. We walked through some soft sand and Isaac said it was the roughest terrain he had ever walked on!

Then we drove back to the beach in town for our picnic.
We had our picnic on the sandy beach today so we could see the kids.
I don't actually recommend this, unless you like your ham, tomato & cheese roll with a bit of crunch!

After lunch and playing in the water, we drove to the reservoir at the top of Cooloola Drive and walked the short bush walk (600m) to the Carlo Sand Blow. And did it blow my mind!! I've never seen anything like it. I've seen it from the beach before, but I had no idea how spectacular it was up close. Rob and the kids walked on it and then Rob & Isaac raced to the top across the other side! There were paragliders and two men were setting up their hang gliders right in front of us. It took ages, we didn't get see them lift off.

Then we walked the lovely little bush walk back to the car and so ended another lovely family day out!

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  1. Confession. Despite living in Brisbane most of my life....I've NEVER been to Fraser Island. Ever.

    Must change that.