Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Getaway at Caloundra

It's the Labour Day long weekend and Elaine called a few nights ago to offer to mind the kids Saturday night so Rob and I could go out for dinner or to the movies.

Friday night we went to bed and Ava woke with a bleeding nose...twice!
That almost blew the date for me.  She's had this happen a few times and usually it takes a few days to go away.  Of course then I was worried about her bleeding all over the sheets at Grandma's while we were out.

But Rob suggested we have a day time date instead.

So we arrived Saturday morning and Elaine wanted to check out an 'open house' four doors down from them.  So we went for a sticky, too.

It was lovely going for a little stroll through a $1.63 million home.

It was nice!

At 12:30 Rob & I went out for lunch.
We went to the local tavern and this is where we sat...

I had the yummiest chicken tenderlions on pumpkin risotto.
Rob had a Thai beef salad. It was so good. And the fact that we don't eat out very often any more made it taste a million times better.

Then we went child free shopping.
We bought new clothes, shoes, a DVD and X-Box 360 game for the kids.
And we went to Bunnings.

Three hours later we returned home bearing gifts and everyone was happy.
Ava was napping (finally, it took a bit getting her usual) without a nose bleed!
And Isaac told us how they had caught butterflies.

As soon as Ava awoke we were off to the beach.  It had been a hot day, but wouldn't you know it, as soon as we get in the car a shower appears!  So the beach was a bit cold, dark & windy but that's not enough to stop Isaac getting in, is it?

Sunday morning we went for a walk/bike ride/play in the sand along the water front.

And then we went to the markets and had mini pancakes.

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