Friday, April 2, 2010

Australia Zoo

Today we went to Australia Zoo...for the third time in less than 3 years! I'd say that's very fortunate.  It's a beautiful place...peaceful, clean and a wonderful family environment.  We saw a few new animals this time but the most exciting thing was that we saw Bindi performing with her Jungle Girls. And Terri, Bindi, Robert and Wes feed the crocodiles for the show in the Crocoseum...well Robert didn't, he hid after Terri humorously made reference to the time Steve was filmed by Channel 7 news and was given a very hard time by the media.

Two tips if you ever plan to go to Australia Zoo...

1.  Do NOT go in Summer.  We went in August, May (both of which were perfect) and April, it was a little too hot sitting in the crocoseum in the middle of the day today, and I saw a lot of very red arms, backs and necks.

2.  If at all possible, go when Terri and Wes are feeding the crocodiles.  The show today was excellent but the one we saw last year, with a trainee croc and a trainee croc handler, was action-less...the croc wouldn't perform.

The kids are now both the perfect ages for days out like this.  Ava is still small enough that we need to take a pram, but she walked most of the way so it became a very convenient trolley to carry our picnic lunch.  Isaac is old enough to be interested in the animals now, the first time we went he was not so much, perhaps if they all had wheels he might have been.

Australia Zoo has many wonderful picnic spots and tables and they are quite happy for you to bring your own food and drinks.  So other than admission, we didn't pay a cent.

I did manage to get a few photos, even though as soon as I turned the camera on it was flashing low batteries (and I put what I thought were fully charged ones in last night!).

We saw....


(I was very brave and entered the snake exhibit this time, didn't get too close though)
(Note the hat wear.  Isaac wouldn't wear his hat because it was too small so Rob traded with him!)
A Jabiroo
A Python
Terri & Bindi
& Robert

...and lots of other animals that I didn't get photos of for fear of running out of batteries!

Ava learnt a new word today - croc.  And her favourite animals of the day were woos and wahs (kangaroos and koalas).

Isaac's favourite animals were the lizards, all of them! And the snakes.

Rob's highlight was seeing the cormorant swimming under water.

And I loved the macaws, and seeing a Jabiru (I've never seen one before, they're gorgeous!) and I always love the elephants.


  1. I think the bird part was my fave when we went

  2. And all the photos are gorgeous :) Along with your family :)

  3. Sounds wonderful. Good day had by all. x

  4. oh, Australia ZOO!! When I come over I will spend a week there!!! I love the Irwins and you were so lucky to have seen Terri, Bindi, Robert, Wes... I have adopted Juma, a Sumatran tiger with Australia Zoo... have you seen him?
    Sandra, all the way from Slovenia

  5. am yet to go to australia zoo. i want to go to taronga still. havent been for a while.

    taking my sister to the aquarium&wildlife world tuesday or wednesday :) should be good. i love the aquarium! plus the big croc is still there! and there is a wheres wally thingy. too excited. lol. seriously, im going for her okay?